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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tektro Draco Hydraulic Disk Brakes

This is one of Tektro's entry level hydraulic disk brake. It comes together with my bike and I've been using it for about 2 months. So far the performance meets my expectation. The stopping power is good. When I was going down a slope at 60 km/h, I had no problem slowing during the descend. 

The only problem is it tends to squeak loudly if the brake pads/rotors are not cleaned from time to time. To clean the pads, I just use a white rough paper and rub in between the calipers. You will see the white paper being turned to black. Keep on repeating this step until it is cleaned. For the rotor, I use a rag cloth and some alcohol. Just pour a bit of alcohol onto the rag and wipe the rotor until it is clean.

Since it is an entry level disk brake, it might not be suited for extreme off-road downhill rides but for normal tarmac and cross country rides there should be no worries. 



  1. Hi,
    I've the same brakes.
    You use a rag cloth and some alcohol to clean the rotors. Does this not damage the rotors?

  2. Hi. Nope my brakes still works fine. No issues at all.