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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cherok Tokun Uphill ride on 6/26/2011 with E-Forest team

This ride I joined my friend Al Ric with his E-Forest We started our ride on 8.00am up BM Hill. The ride is approx 4km uphill with a gradient of 30 - 45 degrees. The gear to use for this climb is the lowest gear. The road up to the hill for 1 - 3km is very bad with a lot of holes. Therefore it is not an easy climb up.

Assemble before the ride at the foot of the hill. 

Stopping for after approx 1km uphill rest before continuing our climb. Need to ride slowly to conserve energy as this is my first time to this place and I've heard from other riders, this place is tough.

Manage to finish 3km on top of the hill. Still have 1km until the summit. Stop for rest and wait for others to catch up. There are also other group of people. Many of them came for hiking and morning walk as the air is fresh and cooling in the morning. There are also other mountain biker groups who stop by.

Finally reached the peak of BM hill. The final 1km the road is much nicer to ride. Not many holes as compare to the first 3km. It is much easier to maneuver up. 

During the descend, it is much trickier as we need to play with out brakes well to slow down. It is also advisable to lower the seat for ease of control. I descend in stages as I worry my disk brakes will overheat and I won't be able to stop. I only continue once I feel my rotors are cooled. It's also dangerous as we need to look out and avoid hitting people who are hiking down the hill.

Overall, this is a good place to ride with fresh air and cooling atmosphere. Add to the challenge are the pot holed roads. After the ride, there is also a tea spa on the foot of the hill where you can relax.

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