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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Natural Sports Drinks/Food that could be found at home.

I came across and article on Bikeradar by Dr Kevin Currell on sports fuel which is very interesting. The article explains that most sport food are made of everyday ingredients that we can find in our cupboards and fridges. These are the following foods that we can use to together with shop bought sports food.

Every household will have some in the fridge. Research shows that milk helps recovery and re-hydrate due to its high protein content. Drink a pint immediately from the fridge after the ride once you arrived home.

Most of us will stay away from cola after workout as it is gassy. However, this is not the case as it contains caffeine that could help boost your performance further. Before that we need to let the cola go flat before putting it into cycling water bottle or add some water to dilute it a bit.

Fresh Fruit Juice
This is a perfect alternative to a sports drink. Furthermore is also consist of some vitamins which is good for our body. Fill the bottle with half fruit juice and the other half with water. For a hot whether like in Malaysia a pinch of salt can also be added.

Dried Fruits 
Dried Fruits are high in natural sugar. Consuming them will help to delay tiredness and also provide our body with other nutrients and vitamins. It is also easy to store and carry. They can be raisins, apricots, sultanas, dates, etc.

In conclusion, this article provide some insights on what are the main ingredients of sports drinks and some alternative which we use and they are readily find in our homes.

Click here for the full article.

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