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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taj Saba Arabic Restaurant - Cheapest Arabian Restaurant in Penang

 I was introduced to this restaurant back in 2010 by my colleague. At that time I haven't started this blog. At that time the food was really good. But due to change of chef and some problems, the quality went down. Recently in June 2011 it has re-organize and the food quality has improved to almost as good as last time.

Chicken Kabsah Dish- This is chicken boiled in soup mixed with middle eastern herbs and spices. The taste of the soup is aromatic and nice. However, it might be strong for some people.
 Vimto Drink - Taste a bit like ribena blackcurrant drink. This one is a bit sweet and taste nicer. It's cool and refreshing during a hot day.
Their signature dish is called Mandi Rice with chicken and mutton. The rice is cooked in a big oven pot with a mixture of spices and herbs while the chicken/lamb is being cooked on top. The essence of the chicken/lamb is allowed to drip into the rice giving it a rich taste and together with the herbs and spices gives out an aromatic smell. A set comes with 1 quarter chicken, mandi rice, fresh salad, soup, chili paste and arab tea or vimto and it cost only RM10 nett for the whole set. The cheapest in Penang. Next visit will have the Mutton Mandi set.

Mandi Rice Set

I was fortunate to be allowed into the kitchen to have a look at the rice. Below is the Mandi Rice that has been prepared. It's prepared in a big iron cauldron and cooked in a tandoor oven.

Fresh Mango juice for RM3 per glass. The juice is thick and sweet without sugar added. Only available during mango season.

The restaurant is located at :
2-1-18 Halaman Bukit Gambir, 
Ivory Plaza, 11700 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel:014 - 9447879

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