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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

V Brakes Shimano Deore & XT

Most of us cyclist will be familiar with the 2 V Brakes above. Both are durable and have incredible stopping power. I've used Deore whereas my friend used XT. We have no complains. The brake pads last me for 6 years until my bike got stolen and the pads still work. My friend still uses her's and has yet to change the pads.

The only problem is sometime it squeals which is very irritating to hear. Other than that there is none that I can think off. These brakes are light compare to mechanical disk brakes. Adjustment and maintenance is also easy. All you need is allen wrench & phillips screwdriver.

For in depth details you can visit the links below:

Adjusting Rear Derailleur

Many of us cyclist face problems when our rear derailleur (rd) don't work properly. Adjusting it can be a frustrating job. I'm frustrated when my rd does not work properly. The cause could be a lose cable, being hit by a rock, etc.

Below are the 2 links you can read about how to adjust a rd in the following links:

However, I prefer to watch it on video as it is much clearer and easier to understand. 
Below are the youtube links that I've watched, applied what I saw on my own bike and it is works.
The first video is a simple adjustment whereas the second is advance adjustment.

Simple adjustment:
Advance adjustment:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Front Derailleur Adjustment

A bicycle Front Derailleur is used to shift the chains either up to a bigger chain wheel or down to a smaller chain wheel. Adjusting a derailleur can be tricky if you don't have any idea how to do it. It causes a lot of headache to adjust it on our own without expert help.

What does the high and low screw means etc. You can read the explanation it in these websites:


Or you can just watch a couple of videos made by the experts on youtube:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to adjust bicycle disk brakes calipers

Nowadays it's very common to see mountain bikes comes with disk brakes. Cheaper mountain bikes usually comes with Cable Disk brakes whereas the more expensive types comes with Hydraulic Disk Brakes.
The common problem faced is the disc brake rotor keeps rubbing against the brake calipers thus giving resistance.

If you go to google and search there are a few websites describing on how to adjust the calipers. Some of the websites links are listed below:


If reading is not for you, you can watch the video in the youtube link below. Honestly I find it easy to understand and simple to follow:

Youtube video link:

Asama Thai Restaurant

Asama Thai Restaurant is located at Level 1, Central Square, Sungai Petani, Kedah. This place serves authentic Thai cuisine. The people who run this restaurant are also from Thailand. Below are the dishes that we tried.

Kerabu Mango Salad  - It taste sour with the green mango with a sting of cili padi. The smell is also quite strong as there is shrimp and fish sauce added to the mixture. Price depends on the order size. Approx RM7 for small.

Lemon Thai Steam Fish - The fish given was "Siakap" steam in sour lemon sauce with cili padi, fresh garlic and herbs. It taste good, very different from other Thai Steam Fish that I have tasted. Cost RM25

Chicken with Cashew nuts - Quite a normal dish. It's taste was overwhelmed with the amount of green and red capsicum. Cost RM7

Deep fried Kangkong - Kangkong vegetable deep fried with batter and some kaffir lime (Limau Purut) leaves. the lime leaves gives the dish extra fragrance. Cost approx RM8

Thai Green Curry Chicken - This dish is quite aromatic with the mixture of coconut milk and their own thai spices. The gravy is quite thick and rich. It's served in a claypot to contain the heat. The chicken meat given is boneless breast meat which is cooked until soft and it absorbs the curry flavor. Cost RM5

Overall we are satisfied with the food served. My wife and I plan to go again to try other dishes.

Below are their facebook link

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Giant XTC Special Edition. Not as bad as claimed by certain bike shops

When I wanted to buy a bicycle. I was recommended to buy Giant XTC which is the frame is made in Taiwan. When I inquire about the XTC Special Edition (SE), the bike shop seller criticize it to the bone. Even mentioning the frame which was made in China is of poor quality.

The seller even saying the GIANT wording is made badly and I will regret getting it. As I haven't seen it, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

The next day I decide to take a trip to another bicycle shop in Simpang Empat. I guess those who are cyclist from Penang knows whose shop I meant. There I manage to see this bike first hand. After inspecting it I find the claims not true. At the same time there were 2 person with the same bike, therefore I ask for permission for a test ride. They gladly obliged. The ride was smooth, the suspension perform well, gear change is smooth. They told me they never regret owning this bike at all. Furthermore it rarely gives problem even though they ride off-road frequently.

I didn't buy the bike as I feel, I won't make 100% use of it. I ride mainly for leisure, but this is a competition category bike which does not suit my needs for now. In future, when I start to take part heavily in events, this bike will be my choice.

pic source: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-IN/bikes/model/xtc.se.2/7557/46927/

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chinese Water Bicycle

Chinese Water Bike

Chinese Water Bike

Chinese inventor Li Weiguo apparently took the Treehugger article on women and bikes to heart by asking his daughter to demonstrate his amphibious bicycle that can be used on land or water. Li used empty water bottles (the large 8 gallon size used in office water coolers) as flotation for this bike, with paddles in the rear spokes providing propulsion. The bottles are removed for use on land.

This is really useful when there is flood. Problem is what to do with those 8 gallon size bottles once you are on land? I Can't seem find a place to store it on the bike while it is not in use? Can you?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SRAM X7 RD? Why not?

There are a lot of comments on SRAM's X7 RD. Some say it is reliable as Shimano's Deore and is cheaper and some says it's crappy. I've tried it and the shifting is quite smooth. Not as bad as some people say. I'm using SRAM's X5 lever shifters and it is as good as my old Deore. It could also be due to the compatibility.

I've read 1 review that it's not compatible with Shimano shifters in http://www.mtbr.com
In my opinion, if it does the job well that it suppose to do, why not give it a chance?
Currently Shimano is the monopoly player in this industry and their prices are going up like crazy.
At least there is a competitor brand that we can choose and not rely solely on Shimano.

For more details you can visit the link below:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sri Maju Bicycle Shop - Bike Shop Review

Sri Maju Bicycle shop is located in Bagan Ajam. It's one of the old bicycle shop that I can remember since my high school days. Back then in in 1995, this is the only bike shop nearby that sell's 21 speed mountain bikes. I bought my Lerun Vesuvius from this shop and this bike lasted me until 2010. Back then a 21 speed bike is considered a luxury.

This shop is managed by Mr Tan, his wife and son. He is very skillful in adjusting gears and he will take his own time to do it to ensure the job is well done. I still go back to him for my bicycle repairs and accessories. The prices he charge is reasonable. However, certain items he does not keep stock as it is hard to sell. But will order upon request.

You can expect to find a range of bike choices in his shop. The range is from children bicycle to mid-priced road/mountain bikes. Currently he sells Raleigh road & mountain bikes. Raleigh brand sells well as it is among the cheapest and it looks nice (especially white color).

It is located in the shop house row directly opposite Sek. Keb. Bagan Ajam. There are ample parking space so parking is not a problem.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Buying a New Bicycle tips

Cycling is a fun activity. It helps to relax and same time keep ourselves healthy. However before we can cycle, we need to get a bicycle. There are a lot of bicycles out there in the market. The best place is to visit your nearest bicycle shop. Some might even go a great distances to hunt for a good bargain. We usually get tips from the internet and also friends. However there are a few tips which we can use.
  1. Determine what type of riding you want to do. Some like to ride on road and some like off-road. Do you ride  for  speed, leisure or to push your limits.
  2. Set your budget. A entry level mountain bike can cost around RM1K. A good one, it can come to above RM20K.
  3. Check out various bike shops. You want to find one which gives you the best deal for your money's worth.
  4. Check internet websites whether are there any reviews being done on the bike. What are the pros and cons.
  5. Determine that the bike fits nicely. You don't want to stretch too much while riding as it can get uncomfortable.
  6. Select a frame size. Bike frames come is XS, S, M, L, XL. You can use a Bike Size Calculator at http://www.ebicycles.com for a guide on what frame size that suits.
  7. Compare the component on each bike you have in mind. Sometimes it is worth it to fork out a bit extra for better components, but will save in the long run. 
The above are the steps that I follow when getting a new bicycle. It is not 100% correct but it does get me a guideline on what to look for.

Cycle Lab Sdn Bhd - Bike Shop Review

This bicycle shop opened last year at Bagan Ajam. It's about 10 minutes drive from where I lived.
I first visited this bicycle shop last year when it just opened. I found the people who were at the bike shop friendly and helpful even at that time I have no intention of buying a bicycle at that time.

By talking to the one of the partners, I found out that they act as retailer for Giant Bicycle. Recently this brand has become famous compare to 10 years ago. During the last decade nobody ever think of buying a Giant bicycle. That time even myself had doubts about Giant. That time my favorite brand is Trek which I can't afford.

Since they given me a good impression during my first visit, I did buy some accessories from them as their prices are reasonable. Parking is easy as there are ample parking space available.

I bought my first bicycle from them this month. It was an intermediate level mountain bike. Good thing is they are willing to let me test ride the bike before I decide to buy it. After a satisfactory test ride and having the "feel", I decide to buy it.

Their address are as below:
25G, Jalan Terbilang, Taman Terbilang, 13000 Bagan Ajam, Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.
website: www.cyclelab.com.my