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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tajuddin Hussein Nasi Kandar

This is one of the well known Nasi Kandar shop in Penang. It is located at Little India. I was introduced to this restaurant by an ex colleague who loves mamak food. I first went there during lunch time, it was really crowded with people. This visit I went there in the evening where it is not so crowded but there is still a lot of people.

The unique thing in this nasi kandar restaurant is they don't mix the curry gravy with the rice unlike other nasi kandar stalls. We go with our normal orders which as below:-

Chicken Curry

Ros Chicken which is spicier than the curry chicken

White rice

Ros Mutton curry.

They also have other variety of mutton & fish curry and fried chicken. Another unique curry is goose(angsa) which I plan to try on the next visit. They have goose meat and goose internal organs curry.

The best thing about this restaurant is it is not open 24 hours unlike other nasi kandar outlets.
This restaurant is located at 49 Queens Street, 10200 Penang.

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