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Monday, June 20, 2011

Jawa Mee, Leng Chi Kang and Lor Bak at Sungai Petani Food Street opposite KWSP building

We are at Sungai Petani Food Street. Some of the stalls start selling around 2.30pm. I like the Jawa Mee there. The jawa mee sauce is thick with blend of starch and potatoes and with a bit of tomato sweetness. This stall has been selling for a long time and has been featured in Ho Chiak program.

We also ordered Leng Chi Kang. It's very refreshing especially when it is a hot day. At RM2 it comes in a big bowl which my wife and I shared.

Next we also ordered the Loh Bak. There are a lot of Lor Bak choices to choose from at this stall. There are prawn fritters, century egg, yam coated salted egg, fried ray fish, crab sticks, fried tau hu, fish balls and many more. This is the only stall selling Lor Bak so it is easy to spot. The chili sauce is also nice and it goes very well with it. I think the chili sauce is homemade. 

The stall owner still arranging the food at his stall. There are still some dishes not yet been displayed. 

Variety of food choices being displayed.

Our dish. Prawn fritters and salted duck egg coated with yam. There are still a number of stalls which we haven't tried so there is plan to return.

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