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Monday, June 13, 2011

Off Road bike ride & Dim Sum at Chai Leng Park - 6/12/2011

We started our ride from Bagan Ajam BORR  at about 7.30am. The ride took us approx 30 - 45 minutes to reach Chai Leng Park from Bagan Ajam toll plaza. Then we rode to the market to have our breakfast.
We didn't eat a lot as it is not healthy to exercise with a full stomach.

Steam Glutinous Rice(Rou Mai Kai)

Prawn Ha Kao

Roast Pork meat which Mr Chow tapao from the market opposite.

Addition we had Pao, siew mai, chai kui and Pu Err tea. Then we start our ride, we use the housing estate road to enter the paddy fields nearby to avoid the main road traffic. The ride took us longer than what we planned but it was a good ride. Lucky it a bit cloudy that day.


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