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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sykt Perniagaan Chin Seang Bicycle Shop

This bicycle shop is located at Jalan Perai, Taman Indrawasih. It's been operating for quite sometime but I only notice it recently during my rides on BORR. I decide to check it out to see what bike range this shop carries.This shop sells mostly kids and low to medium range mountain & racing bikes and is a Polygon brand bike retailer. He also sell some Venzo brand bike accessories. The layout of the shop is quite pack as he needs to store a lot of stuff in a small place. 

The shop owner Mr Tan is also quite friendly and I found out the prices are reasonable and goes along with the quality. For higher end parts he will need to order as he doesn't keep stock as he doesn't have much customers who seek high end bicycle parts. I've bought a FSA seatpost from him which need to order due to it's oversize diameter which not many people seek. 

The contact are as below:
Mr Tan
Sykt Perniagaan Chin Seang
2913, Jalan Perai, Tmn Indrawasih,
13600 Perai
Tel: 04-3992061

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