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Monday, June 20, 2011

Deore Hollowtech II Crank

This is one of the cheapest 9 speed Hollowtech II crank design by Shimano. Cost approx RM220 with installation.
This design it also reduces the weight of the bike as you don't need to have a BB. My friends who bought this crank never complain about its performance. With the combination of Deore front derailleur, the chain shifting is smooth. This crank only weighs 1063 grams with its bottom bracket.
The only weakness which was told to me is the bottom bracket wears out pretty fast compare to other higher models such as SLX and XT. Another thing is the Deore words will fade when your shoe is rubbing on it continuously when you cycle. Other than that there is no weakness that we could find.

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  1. Hello bro. Where can i get this in Penang Island area with the price of RM220 with installation?

    1. Hello,
      This was last a 9 speed model. This was the price quoted when I went to visit Chin Aik last year.

      For the 10 speed model, You can try and ask the 2 bike shops near Bayan Baru (Opposite Sunshine Square) or try the one in Air Itam Sim Bicyle.

      Hope this helps

  2. Thanks bro. Btw my bike is 9 speed. I'm thinking of buying one. Thanks again.