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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sri Maju Bicycle Shop - Bike Shop Review

Sri Maju Bicycle shop is located in Bagan Ajam. It's one of the old bicycle shop that I can remember since my high school days. Back then in in 1995, this is the only bike shop nearby that sell's 21 speed mountain bikes. I bought my Lerun Vesuvius from this shop and this bike lasted me until 2010. Back then a 21 speed bike is considered a luxury.

This shop is managed by Mr Tan, his wife and son. He is very skillful in adjusting gears and he will take his own time to do it to ensure the job is well done. I still go back to him for my bicycle repairs and accessories. The prices he charge is reasonable. However, certain items he does not keep stock as it is hard to sell. But will order upon request.

You can expect to find a range of bike choices in his shop. The range is from children bicycle to mid-priced road/mountain bikes. Currently he sells Raleigh road & mountain bikes. Raleigh brand sells well as it is among the cheapest and it looks nice (especially white color).

It is located in the shop house row directly opposite Sek. Keb. Bagan Ajam. There are ample parking space so parking is not a problem.

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