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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Asama Thai Restaurant

Asama Thai Restaurant is located at Level 1, Central Square, Sungai Petani, Kedah. This place serves authentic Thai cuisine. The people who run this restaurant are also from Thailand. Below are the dishes that we tried.

Kerabu Mango Salad  - It taste sour with the green mango with a sting of cili padi. The smell is also quite strong as there is shrimp and fish sauce added to the mixture. Price depends on the order size. Approx RM7 for small.

Lemon Thai Steam Fish - The fish given was "Siakap" steam in sour lemon sauce with cili padi, fresh garlic and herbs. It taste good, very different from other Thai Steam Fish that I have tasted. Cost RM25

Chicken with Cashew nuts - Quite a normal dish. It's taste was overwhelmed with the amount of green and red capsicum. Cost RM7

Deep fried Kangkong - Kangkong vegetable deep fried with batter and some kaffir lime (Limau Purut) leaves. the lime leaves gives the dish extra fragrance. Cost approx RM8

Thai Green Curry Chicken - This dish is quite aromatic with the mixture of coconut milk and their own thai spices. The gravy is quite thick and rich. It's served in a claypot to contain the heat. The chicken meat given is boneless breast meat which is cooked until soft and it absorbs the curry flavor. Cost RM5

Overall we are satisfied with the food served. My wife and I plan to go again to try other dishes.

Below are their facebook link

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