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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SRAM X7 RD? Why not?

There are a lot of comments on SRAM's X7 RD. Some say it is reliable as Shimano's Deore and is cheaper and some says it's crappy. I've tried it and the shifting is quite smooth. Not as bad as some people say. I'm using SRAM's X5 lever shifters and it is as good as my old Deore. It could also be due to the compatibility.

I've read 1 review that it's not compatible with Shimano shifters in http://www.mtbr.com
In my opinion, if it does the job well that it suppose to do, why not give it a chance?
Currently Shimano is the monopoly player in this industry and their prices are going up like crazy.
At least there is a competitor brand that we can choose and not rely solely on Shimano.

For more details you can visit the link below:

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