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Monday, May 23, 2011

Buying a New Bicycle tips

Cycling is a fun activity. It helps to relax and same time keep ourselves healthy. However before we can cycle, we need to get a bicycle. There are a lot of bicycles out there in the market. The best place is to visit your nearest bicycle shop. Some might even go a great distances to hunt for a good bargain. We usually get tips from the internet and also friends. However there are a few tips which we can use.
  1. Determine what type of riding you want to do. Some like to ride on road and some like off-road. Do you ride  for  speed, leisure or to push your limits.
  2. Set your budget. A entry level mountain bike can cost around RM1K. A good one, it can come to above RM20K.
  3. Check out various bike shops. You want to find one which gives you the best deal for your money's worth.
  4. Check internet websites whether are there any reviews being done on the bike. What are the pros and cons.
  5. Determine that the bike fits nicely. You don't want to stretch too much while riding as it can get uncomfortable.
  6. Select a frame size. Bike frames come is XS, S, M, L, XL. You can use a Bike Size Calculator at http://www.ebicycles.com for a guide on what frame size that suits.
  7. Compare the component on each bike you have in mind. Sometimes it is worth it to fork out a bit extra for better components, but will save in the long run. 
The above are the steps that I follow when getting a new bicycle. It is not 100% correct but it does get me a guideline on what to look for.


  1. hi there. i am new to this. wanted your opinion on this bike i saw on bbs.

    frame: giant atx 2011
    fork: epicon
    shifter: alivio
    brakes: tektro hydraulic
    crank: alivio
    fd: alivio
    rd: slx
    rims: mavic x221
    tyres: maxxis larsen tt
    everything else is basic i guess.

    about 2k. worth the money? thanks

    1. Hello, I think it is worth the price.
      ATX frame and epicon suspension will cost almost 1/2 the bike's price. However, before you buy, it's best to visit and try out the bike first. See whether it fits your comfortably.

      Good luck :)

    2. thanks! i will have a look at the bike to see the condition before i decide to buy it..apart from the rd, the grouset is mainly alivio..a couple of my friends(whos been riding for a long time) told me that alivio senang rosak and not worth buying..is it true?

    3. I did hear rumours that now Alivio is not as durable.
      But if you plan to do mostly on road rides and ride on tracks that are not extreme, I think it is ok.

      But if you plan to take part in mtb jamborees/events that have tough off-road it is not advisable. Get at least a Deore or SLX

  2. by the way forgot to mention it is 9 speed

  3. Hi Soon Aun, i've viewed a few of your post and its fairly explained :) thank you so much for posting.

    i have a couple of question on my end, again a newcomer here.
    i actually ride to work now no mountain or really off-road activities, i've really tight budget and looking at low as possible, the bike will be a one off purchase i believe and no tweaking unless it fails on me. like anyone else, would like to get the best bang from the money spent ~ haha

    i see that you have recommended some entry level brands : do they still stand ?
    Scott Aspect
    Giant Revel/Talon

    my issue is i can't compare them without pricing , do you know any site which i can compare most of the brands with pricing and come out with some models. or is it possible that you have some models to recommend :) below is some of my requirements, pls let me know what do you think

    pls guide me where to start ..

    min requires :
    v brakes
    front suspension
    shimano gears
    29" - heard that is better for road ?

    rides :
    on the road, to work
    slight bumpy road/pavements/places

    1. I've looked through the brands and classify without pricing yet ..
      which would be better and value ?

      In my searches, it looks like i've to focus on urban type of bike, 29" with front suspension
      however i can't really differentiate the parts quality or type(dont know how to rank them)

      Would like to hear your feedback :)

      Mongoose - CROSSWAY 150

      Scott - SCOTT Sportster X10 Bike

      Merida - BIG.NINE TFS 100

      Giant - Cypress LX

      Focus - Aventura TS 1.0 30-G

      Raleigh - Oakland

      Exitway - Sub Gear

    2. The groupset is easy to rank. You can also talk to your local bike shop. To rank the Shimano it is easy.


      However, touring bikes are quite rare here in penang as most of us ride mountain bike. What i can suggest is try it out at the shops. 29" is better for roads.

  4. Hello Bro Soon-Aun,

    I am beginner and planning to get a new bike. Instead of getting an entry level bike, i was thinking to get an intermediate level bike. I've seen Exitway bikes equipped with pretty decent components for around 2 to 3K. However, i am a little brand conscious. Would it be practical to buy an Exitway and change the frame to a Giant XTC/ATX pro frame? What else do i need to consider if i do that? eg. cost incurred to get a bike shop to change the frame,or the fit of other components such as the seat post, BB,etc. Thanks in advanced.

    1. I would advise you to get Exitway, then change the frame. If you are happy then no need. ATX frame will cost abt RM600 brand new. The Exitway frame you still can sell for about RM200. XTC frame brand new will cost about RM1500.

      You will most prob need to change the seatpost and BB.
      A complete XTC bike will cost about RM5K plus and you still want to upgrade some components.

    2. Ic, this is more complicated that i expected. Will probably get a complete bike then.

      I've narrowed down my choices. What's your take on theses?

      Scott Scale 60
      Merida Matts TFS 500 D
      Giant XTC 2

      BTW, your blogs are very insightful to beginners like me, thank you for that.

    3. I would go for the Scott Scale 60. It's only about RM3800 and it has better component compare to Merida. Plus the Scott comes with Air Fork which Merida does not.

      Giant XTC 2, I'm not sure how much is it now. Probably about RM4K+++