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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Suntour Epicon 27.5 2014/2015 XC Fork - Good Entry level Air Fork

This suspension fork is one of Suntour's most common suspension fork. The weight of this fork is also light, which is approximately 1.74 kg. If you are looking for a budget, light, air suspension fork, then this could be worth considering.

This fork is smooth if you ride rolling along or pressing straight down. I took my friend's Giant XTC bike that comes with this suspension fork and it quite comfortable when riding off road. The one we tested is RLC model instead of the Turn Key. As this is an XC fork, it comes with 80, 100, 120 mm travel. It also has magnesium coating which makes the travel very smooth.

For beginner, this suspension works almost at par with the high end models but at a fraction of the price. As a weekend rider who participates occasionally in XC mtb events, I find this fork serves it's purpose and I will recommend it to anybody who wishes to upgrade from coil fork to air fork.


  1. Lightweight fork and doesn't cost a lot. Ideal for those on a budget
  2. Magnesium coating makes travel smooth while riding.
  3. Easily available at most local bike shops and can be purchased online at Amazon.com
  4. For a newbie or amateur cyclist, this fork is as good as high end model suspension forks.
  5. Quite durable for this price vs performance for amateur cyclist.
  1. Once spoil, the whole fork needs to be replaced. Most bike shops don't carry replacement parts for this fork.

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