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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CREE XML U2 LED Cycling Bicycle Bike Light Lamp HeadLight Headlamp

I was introduced this bicycle light from a friend. We plan to ride at night up hill trail where it is very dark. He informed me that this light is very good and bright. Since I needed a new light, I said ok...please get one for me as well. He did bought me 1 and we took it for a ride. I was amazed how bright this light was although the size is small.

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Very Bright Light
First thing that stands out for light is the brightness of the light it emits. The light adjustable to be low, medium or high and also blinking. If I'm riding on the road with traffic, I use blinking mode as car drivers will notice you better with blinking light. It catches their attention. It is important for car drivers to be able to see you coming on the road at night to avoid accident

Battery life about 3 hours
3 hours of battery life is quite long considering most night time rides which i take don't really last that long. The battery will last longer if the light is on low or blinking mode. Even though it is on low, the brightness is still there.

Products specifications
Function: Super bright CREE XM-L U2 LED bicycle light.
. LED:
- Quantity: 2 pcs.
- LED Life: 50,000 hours.
- Feature: More condensed light, long exposure distance.
4 Switch Modes: Weak, Middle, Strong, Strobe.

Reviews and Score

I found that there are 229 people who bought this light and 186 of them give this light a 4 - 5 star rating. That rounds out to 81% of the buyers giving positive reviews.

However, there are some who give not so good reviews about the product due to quality issues.
As most of them are positive and I had a positive experience with it. I wouldn't mind recommending it. The cons, that it has an external battery pack which need to be mounted to the bike frame.

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To summarize, this Cree XML LED light is value for money for it emits a light enough even to illuminate trails while riding at night. This light is also highly rated and most of the buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

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