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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Supper at Ananda Bahwan

It was late at night, my wife is hungry as she came back late from work. Went to Ananda Bahwan Bagan Ajam. Ordered roti naan paratha  and roti naan. I'm having paratha for the first time. It looks like roti canai but a bigger version and is cooked in oven instead frying on hot pan like roti canai.
The roti paratha and naan came with 3 sauces which is chick pea (kacang kuda) curry, mint sauce and another which is made from tomato.

The roti paratha is a bit oily as they spread a bit of butter on top of it, but the smell is fragrant. The texture is almost similar to roti canai but less oily as it is baked instead of fried.

 Roti Paratha

 Roti Naan

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  1. Weh cambest. Aku dah lama tak balik Penang. Pekena subaidah ka salam ka. bila balik nanti

    Azrul Hisyam