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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kheng Som, Fried Chicken with Kafir lime leaves at Asama Thai Restaurant, Central Square, Sungai Petani

We visited Central Square again last Saturday and decide to try the lunch set at Asama Restaurant. The lunch set we ordered is for 2. It comes with 3 dishes, rice and a drink.

Fried Chicken with Kafir Lime leaves
The Chicken meat is deep fried and served together with lots of fried garlic, ginger, and kafir lime which gives it a very pleasant aroma.

Stir Fry mixed Vegetable
Normal mixed vegetable stir fried in sauce. Nothing special about this dish but it taste good. The vegetables are not over cooked and are still crispy and taste fresh.

Kheng Som Siakap fish

This dish is the most spicy dish among all we ordered. It is known as Thai Assam Pedas. This soup is much spicier than tom yam. Although the color doesn't makes it look spicy, don't be fooled by the looks of it.

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