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Friday, July 15, 2011

Raleigh Elite Pro Hardtail Bike

This is another common Raleigh mountain bike. Given a price tag of approx RM1,800, it comes with a better gear setup than the Enduro Pro. 

The gear set is a mix of Shimano Alivio and Suntour XCR crank. This bike also comes with 27 speed.

The gear shifters are Shimano Alivio Rapid fire. Some may not like it it due to the small display of which gear you are in.

It felt like the Enduro Pro except the gear change is much smoother with Alivio. The frame, suspension fork, rims and mechanical disc brakes are similar to the Enduro Pro, therefore the ride comfort does not defer much.

For those who wanted a 27 speed entry level mountain bike and are willing to spend a bit more, you could consider this bike. The frame can also take upgrades which is useful if you want to upgrade to better components in the future.

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  1. Hi, do you recomend that upgrade the Enduro pro gear set to Elite pro gear set? The price will have big different?

  2. Hi,
    I don't recommend to change unless due to wear and tear or you are not happy with the performance. A full Alivio groupset might cost approx RM700 - 800.
    If you buy Enduro Pro and the Alivio groupset separately, the cost has exceed cost of Elite Pro.

  3. Thanks for the input. I was confuse in looking for the brand of MTB. I gone to many shop and different shop will recoment me thier prefer brand. Some said as beginner like me, can choose Raleigh elite pro, some said RMB 6800, even there also recoment me XDS (308 or 380, can't remember) (8 speed only). I budget is ~RM1500. It really make me confuse. If you can give me some idea, then it will help me to solve my problem. Thanks.

  4. With a budget of RM1500. The Raleigh Elite seems to be the one that you can buy. I haven't seen RMB mountain bike here so I can't comment. I've seen XDS but only the mid-priced ones(RM2800 - RM5,000).

    What I would look for will be the accessories given. 9 speed is better than 8 speed and you will be won't regret with Shimano Alivio.

    Test ride bike before buying to see if you like the 'feel'. If it feel's good, put it under consideration. Test ride a few brands to see which one you like best, then buy the best one that you feel that is within your budget.

  5. Thanks for the advise, I think i will choose between Raleigh Elite and XDS 25435

  6. I really wan to know on how you think about xds bike... cos i really have not much info or known much ppl riding those bike... i really hope to know more on it...

    btw, i really like ur site... i like all the open info i could find here... thanks alot anyway!!

  7. Hi Keatloon,
    Thanks a lot for visiting. Honestly i don't know much about XDS brand bikes. One of my friend had it but he sold it after about 2 months and bought Specialized Rockhopper. XDS is a China brand and it's quite famous there but it still new in Malaysia.

    I think CCI Penang carries this brand. You can visit them. Hope this helps.