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Monday, October 24, 2011

Penang Arab Restaurant - TajSaba for Original Arabian Cuisine

It's been a while since I visited this Arab restaurant in Bukit Gambir. This place is the cheapest place for a good middle eastern food in Penang Island.

First to be served is the chili paste(Sahawak), soup and Arab blackcurrant drink (Vimto)

Next comes the mutton mandi rice set. As shown below the portion is quite big. It comes with some salad by the side.

Next is the Chicken Mandi Set which I tried last time. This time, the rice used are Basmati rice which are longer and more fragrant.

The mutton is one of the best I've eaten. The meat is tender and full of flavor. It is so tender that you can tear it just by using fork and spoon. Even the tendon parts are very soft and not tough.

They also have whole roast chicken which is made to order. The chicken is wrapped in foil and roast to perfection in the brick oven. This dish is made to order.

The chicken is very tender could be easily cut into half just by using fork and spoon.

For those who fancy economy middle eastern cuisine, this is the place you don't want to miss. They are open from 12.30 until at night. The best time would be around 12.30 when they just finish cooking as the dishes are fresh.

For bookings you can contact the manager
Ibrahim @ 016-4334460.

Address :2-1-18 Halaman Bukit Gambier, Ivory Plaza, 11700 Penang, Malaysia.
Email : sabarestaurant@yahoo.com

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