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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Polygon Helios 200 (2011)

My friends and I were discussing if we should try out road bike since none of us has ridden one before. With a budget not more than RM2,500 we began to survey what does the market had to offer. I found a few 2011 models which fits into our budget range. We haven't seen the 2012 models on display yet as the shops say road bikes are not fast moving compare to mountain bike.

This bike above is the Polygon Helios 200 which cost approx RM1,600. This the the cheapest model that is I could find with 18 speed. It comes with alloy frame and carbon fork which is very common for a decent road bike. Next it comes with a mix of Shimano Sora and 2300 gears and FSA Vero crankset.

Not much can be said on the price and the accessories . However, if you are a newbie to road bike, this bike can be considered as a first bike before investing larger amounts of money for a high end road bike. If you find road bike is not suitable for you, it will be easier to sell than the high end models and you won't loose a lot.

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