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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BM Mtb Carnival 2011

This event is organized by Love Pedaling (LP) Mountain Bike club. The venue of this event is Sg Lembu Bukit Mertajam in a light industrial complex which is almost abandoned. I took my friend's place as he could attend the event. All riders gather at 6.30am, it was a surprise to see so many of them. Approx 1,600 participants.

The riders are escorted by supercars at the start of the event.

Girls sticking stickers on riders number plates as proof. This is the first checkpoint which is the starting line. There are total 6 stickers which all riders need to collect from 6 checkpoints to complete the ride. Minimum 4 stickers is entitled for door gift.

This trail is quite tough as there are 2 hills to climb and most of it are single track. The amateur riders including me push our bike up the slopes as it is too steep for us to ride up. This is also to save energy.

The trail also led us into oil palm and rubber plantations which is cooling and nice in the morning. However, climbing up the hill is very tiring.

My friends and I was not really prepared for such a tough ride. My friends and I were told it was a tough ride but it beats our expectation. Some of the riders, whom we befriended during the ride also admit it was tough. We didn't finish the ride, after collecting our 5th sticker, we were told to ride back to finish line as it was getting late and hot. Overall, this is a valuable experience and I hope to join again next year.

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