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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First experience using clipless pedals

During my years of cycling, I had never though of using clipless or SPD pedals. I've seen my friends fall because they are not able to un-clip from the pedals when there's emergency during off road events. Some of them decided to change back to platform pedals after falling down several times and sold of their mountain bike SPD pedals and shoes.

During my mountain bike time, I like Wellgo pedals as they have small studs on the platform which help in holding your shoe on to the pedal while riding and prevents slipping. Furthermore they have wide surface and this gives and efficient energy transfer while riding.

These pedals are also tough and durable. I've hit the left pedal very hard on a rock while pedaling during XC event. When I heard the loud sound, first thing that came to my mind was, "Oh shit, I might have broke my pedal". However, to my surprise, it is still there in 1 piece and not a single pin is broken. Since it is still in 1 piece, I decide to continue riding. During rest time, then I notice there is a deep scratch mark left by the rock. But since the pedal can still be used, I decide not to change until it really broke.

After the ride, my pedal lasted me for another 4 years. The bearing give way after constant abuse through water and mud. I changed to similar one as I'm satisfied with it's performance. Another plus point is these pedal is cheap (Less than $40.00) and light weight. Finally, these pedals fit into any types of shoes being it flat or sandals.

Then it came a time where I decide to try riding road bike. As I've never rode one before, I decide to give it a try. The road bike came with stock pedals. As I've never thought about changing them, I decide to ride using the stock pedals. After few months riding, my friend brought up the idea of changing to SPD pedals for road bike.

I was really skeptical about it, but since most of the time spent is on road, I decide to give it a try. Thus I went to a few bicycle shops and did my survey. Most bicycle shops introduced me their best road bike clipless pedals which are superlight, stiff, and made of carbon. Some of the high end models they recommend are as follows:

1. Shimano Dura-ace

2. Look Keo
3. Exustar E-PR200CK

As I only ride on weekends, I decide to choose a cheaper clipless pedal as I won't feel significant differences. They are fantastic and there's no doubt about it. But it will be a waste if it is not fully utilized.

Therefore I decide to go for cheaper alloy pedals. Therefore I asked the shop to recommend me some cheaper ones. Out of the 6 shops I visited, only 1 carry these in their inventory.

Exustar E-PR201

Exustar E-PR101P

I purchase E-PR101P as I like the looks of the pedal better. I ended up paying slightly a bit more as this item in Amazon is not available to be shipped to Malaysia. Used it for about 4 months and rode a total of 500 km without any issues. Since this pedal cost only $29.00 in Amazon. I do recommend it if you are looking for a cheap road bike clipless pedal. Another thing is you won't feel hurt if you happen to scratch it on your first ride. To buy from Amazon website you can click on the advertisement below or visit my pedal store here

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