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Monday, August 22, 2011

RST First Platinum (2011) Suspension Fork - Terrific budgeted Air Fork

RST First Platinum is one terrific value for money air suspension fork. It cost approx RM650 which is a lot less than Rock Shox, Fox and Manitou. This fork is build for cross country and not suitable for downhill or freeride.

This fork is also light weight, which is approx 1.7kg. It is one of the lightest budget suspension fork to have if you are concern on the weight of your bike.

The performance is good and absorbs shocks pretty well during cross country ride. The model shown is the Release Lock model. The control of the fork is located at the handle bar for ease. There is also the TK model for those who prefer to use turn key function instead of Release Lock.

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  1. Hello there, I m thinking to buy this fok for my xc mtb, an orbea sherpa disk 2010 model..Did you had any issues with stanchions stiffness while braking or cornering? Because I found one RockShox Reba solo air RL 2014 model on sales for the same amount of money.. Though I don't think I like the "not adjustable" philosophy of Motion control technology that Reba is built with..but neve tried that also. .