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Friday, August 5, 2011

Giant ATX Pro (2011) frame - Light and worth it

The above bike belongs to one of my friend. Each of the components are bought separately. There are no Giant ATX bikes. Only the frame is available for purchase. The frame cost approx RM600.

In this bike he fixes full Shimano SLX groupset which is considered leaning towards the high end Shimano mountain bike components. The suspension fork fitted on this bike is RST First Platinum. 

The total weight of this bike is approx 11kg which is considered light in the mountain bike category. Total cost to fix up this bike cost approx RM3,600 and that makes it a medium priced mountain bike. The frame itself weighs approx 1.6 - 1.7 kg depending of the frame size.


  1. Hi Soon Aun, I'm Elvin, I am new to MTB, and I am looking for a 10 speed bike. I am interested with Giant ATX. Can you recommend the shop who sell the above bike? Thanks

    1. Hello Elvin,
      Giant does not sell a complete bike with ATX frame.
      For a new one you need to custom build it yourself. A new custom made bike price will vary between RM3000 - RM4000 depending on the accessories you choose.

      You can try you luck in www.bicyclebuysell.com. There are a few Giant ATX frames for sale.
      May I know where you stay?

  2. I stay in Butterworth.

    1. In Butterworth, you can visit Cycle Lab in Bagan Ajam, near Bagan Ajam market. They are one of the official retailer for Giant Bikes. Ask them to quote you a price.

      If you don't mind a little traveling, you can go to Simpang Ampat bike shop OzeCycle.

      Hope this helps :)

  3. Thanks for your recommendation. I been to cycle lab, and I inquired for a 30 speed mtb, they recommended Giant XTC 2 and Talon O, as well as silverback, but I forgot the series name! It's 30 speed silverback. What is your comment for this complete MTB if compared to the above Giant ATX Pro

    1. XTC is a definitely a better bike compare to the ATX and Talon. Although their weight is almost the same, but the Geometry is different.

      For XTC 2, I like everything it has except the crank and the brakes. By having these Shimano non-series just spoils the whole bike looks. This is similar to the Talon 0. However, this are just minor for beginner but for those ride for sometime they are concern. :)

      Most prob they recommend Silverback Spectra series.

      In my opinion, go for either XTC or Silverback (if it is Spectra). If the you don't have budget, then next choice is Talon.

      IF you buy ATX pro, you need to buy gear groupset, rims, suspension fork, handlebar etc separately as they don't sell a complete bike. It might be a bit of a hassle but a bit more work.

    2. I decided to assemble my first MTB with a budget of RM3.6k or below. I decided with Giant ATX Pro frame and Epicon fork. However, my major challenge is the full Shimano SLX group set is around RM2.2k - RM2.5k. Hence, I am interested to know which shop that your friend assemble above MTB with SLX full group set at around 3.6k? What is your recommendation between Deore, STX & XT? What is the price different between these 3 series full group set? Is your friend MTB used STX brake as well?

    3. Full SLX groupset doesn't cost that much unless you are getting one that has Shimano warranty. I don't think it is necessary to spend the extra $$$.

      I bought a full XT groupset for not more than RM2K from the Shop opposite Jusco BM.

      Try to ask the shop opposite Jusco and ask how much they quote SLX. Should be abt RM1.5 - RM1.6K for full set including the brakes.

      When he fixed this bike, Shimano prices has not gone up yet.
      If you go for Deore, most prob you can make it into your budget of 3.6K now.

      After riding XT, I never wanted to go back to Deore. XT and SLX there is a minor difference that is not so obvious.

      Difference between Deore and XT is about RM1000. SLX falls in between both of them :).

  4. How is the skill of assembling MTB (shop opposite Jusco)? I like Cycle Lab skill in assembly MTB, espcially after I saw the one who is in Tambun! Tambun shop is a bit rough, and CL come with warranty so $ is the next concern! Did you visit Pink Bicycle BM before? Any comment for this shop if compared to opposite Jusco?
    If I have Giant ATX frame (RM550), Epicon fork (RM560) and SLX group set (RM1600). Which come up to be RM2700. What is your suggestion for my balance budget of RM900 - RM1000 for rim, tyres, handlebar, saddle, pedals, Stem, Seatpost & clamp? Can you advise the brand & estimated price?

    1. So far I find the skill or the guys in the shop opposite Jusco good. The epicon price of RM560 a bit expensive. ask the one opposite Jusco see if can get RM500.

      Pink Bike I heard a lot of negative comments. Even my friend advise me not to go there for services. If just buy a one off thing is ok.

      For budget wheelsets (complete with rims,hubs & spokes) you can visit the bike shop opposite Kwang Hwa. you can get a good wheelsets under RM500.

      Tyres - maxxis, kenda or tioga - look for price range RM60 - RM80
      handlebar get truvativ or richey alloy - approx RM60 - 80
      Stem - get KCNC 90mm- RM90
      Seat post - Giant 30.9 375mm - RM80
      Seatpost Clamp - ask the bike shop for free. save $$$
      Headset - ask them to recommend something around RM80

  5. Thanks a lot to you. You are very informative, especially for those beginner in cycling, we really can avoid a lot of pitfalls!
    By the way, I still have some questions... I wish you don't mind...
    1) Is KT Cyclone selling Giant ATX frame? Do you think the frame should buy from Giant authorised dealer which come with warranty?
    2) Can I buy those accessories that you mentioned above from KT?
    3) What about the wheelset in KT? Any comment?

    1. Sad to say KT doesn't sell Giant. They are authorized dealer for Lappiere bikes. Lapierre mtb frame cost above RM2K which even I can't afford.
      If possible try to buy it from a Giant Authorized dealer. In case got any problem they can change a new frame for you with no cost.

      For the Handlebar try to ask the shop opposite Kwang Hwa.
      Seatpost buy from Cycle Lab.

      You can get the tyres, KCNC stem from KT Cyclone.
      If you buy the SLX groupset, epicon fork and cable housing (RM13 - RM15) from KT, you can ask them for a free KCNC seatpost clamp and handlebar grips.