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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Norco Team 9 XC 29er - Carbon

I saw this bike at KSH Juru. This 29er bike caught my interest because the price is quite reasonable. This bike frame is made of carbon fibre and comes with Manitou Tower Air Fork. 

The drawback is that this bike comes with 27 speed instead of 30 and the gearset is mixed of Shimano and SRAM. But with a price of less than RM5,000. I don't think there is much to complain.

However, if you want a 29er bike with carbon frame and a good suspension fork, this bike is a good choice. The groupset can be changed later if you are not satisfied.

For more information you can refer to the website below:-


  1. Hi Bro,
    Approx how much the weight for this bike?

    1. This bike I think it is about approx 12kg.
      You thinking of getting this one? ;)