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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Silverback Strela 1.0

I went to check out this road bike when my friend inform me about it. Cost about RM3,500. However, the good thing about it is it come with with full Shimano 105 group-set. I didn't get to see the real bike as it has been sold when I got to the shop.

The frame is made of alloy and the fork made of carbon. The weigh is also not bad 8.6 kg which is the same weight as a Giant Composite road bike. However the Giant cost more than RM5,000.

If you would like to make it lighter, you can change the Alexrims to a better rim. Then just upgrade the seat post, stem and handlebar to carbon. RM3,500 for a complete bike is worth it as a full Shimano 105 group-set alone will most probably cost more than half the price of the bike.


  1. I'd bought Silverback Spectra 1.0 MTB few month back. The spec. is good and price also reasonable compare to those well famous brand Giant.

    1. Let's hope we can see more of these in the market. More choices for us :)