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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

G Club Earth Hour Night ride 3/31/2012

Participated in the Earth Hour Ride organized by G Club Penang. Took a ferry at 6pm from Butterworth to Penang Island.

Stop by at Upper Penang Road for light dinner before riding all the way to Straits Quay.

Reached Strats Quay and there are a number of people had arrived for this fun ride.


Started to ride. We rode behind the marshals so it is easier to move. They were going at a slow speed as this is only a fun ride and not a race.

Had to navigate heavy Saturday traffic heading toward Gurney Drive. It's faster riding a bike than driving on the road.

Regroup at BHP Anson Road as some of the riders went the wrong direction towards Padang Kota.

All riders regroup at Han Chiang before riding back to Straits Quay. But we decide to head towards the ferry as it's getting late.

Overall this ride was fun and we were hope to come again next year. 


  1. Hang kayuh dalam gelap ka?

    1. Got lights bro. No light or helmet not allowed to ride.