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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fulcrum Red Power XL

While I was waiting for my bike to be fixed up at KT Cyclone, one guy came in and bought 4 sets of Red Power XL wheelsets. Out of curiosity, I approach him and inquire about these wheelsets.

He told me they are very good and tough. Since they frequently ride off-roads they would need a tough rim. 

He also explained that these wheelset comes with a modification kit that allows them to convert the front wheel to use 15mm quick release pin.
Another good point is these rims are not heavy and weighs about 1.7kg. Another good point is these wheelsets cost about RM800+ which is reasonable. I held it in my hands and found it is lighter than my Red Power SL. He told me he waited for about a month for these to arrive at KT Cyclone and it is worth the wait. Once, his friend's bike is done and the rim is fixed on, I took it for a ride and it feels real good. Easy to sprint and very stiff.

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