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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mavic Crossride Disc Wheelset

Mavic Crossride is one of Mavic's budget wheelset. The rims are made of 6106 aluminum and is available in black. I've never seen any other colors. The spokes are bladed spokes which is a bit costly to replace compare to normal round spokes.

These wheelsets comes with 6 bolts or centerlock depending on which one you prefer. I prefer bolts as it is easier to change the disc brake rotor. But some prefer center lock as it will not loosen the rotor after constant braking.

From inquiry at the bike shop, there are 2 types of models and have different quality. The ones that come along with bike are made in China whereas the ones for aftermarket are made in Romania. The price difference between the 2 are also quite significant as the ones made in Romania are of better quality and more durable.

From info I got from 2 bicycle shops, there are a few cases where the hubs break and the whole hub need to be replaced. So you are planning to get one, get one that is made in Romania which is a bit harder to find compare to the one that is made in China.

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