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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Merida Matts TFS 800 (2012) - Another value mid-priced mountain bike

I was at Lim Bicycle Shop opposite Sunshine Square, Bayan Lepas. My purpose is to buy a pair of arm pull-up to protect my arms during hot weather rides. Unfortunately, the color that I want is sold out. 
I then notice this bike below which wasn't there when I last visited the shop. This bike is Merida Matts TFS 800 2012 model.

 Instead of using Shimano groupset like the Matts TFS 500, this one is equipped with mix SRAM groupset.


I've never used SRAM components until recently. After using them, I find they are not bad. The shifting is not as smooth as Shimano but for a newbie, it's hardly noticeable. The bike weighs approx 13kg and cost about RM3,700. Slightly a bit more than the Matts TFS 500. It uses the same suspension fork as the TFS 500. To sum-up The only major difference are it's gear equipments. TFS 500 is purely Shimano components but the TFS 800 purely uses SRAM components.

Which one to buy? I leave it to you to decide so do test ride both and chose the one you like best as there is only minimal price difference.

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