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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scott Scale 40 (2012) - Scott's top line Alloy Hardtail Mtb

The Scale 40 mountain bike needs no more introduction to those who are into the mountain biking long enough. Back in 2008 this model won 4 out of 5 stars from Bikeradar verdict. It's Scott's top of the line Alloy hardtail racing mountain bikes

This bike Scott Scale 40 2012 model just arrived recently at Chin Aik Bike Shop in Lebuh Carnavon Penang.

The bike frame is made of triple butted alloy which is lighter and stiffer than double butted alloy.

The gear components are almost similar to it's 2011 predecessor. A mix of Shimano XT and SLX components and Avid Elixir hydraulic disk brake.

This bike comes with Rock Shox Reba Push Lock Air Suspension fork which is similar to the 2011 model.

The price for this 2012 model is RM5,599. However, the bike Shop owner Mr Chin Aik informed me the 2012 model is cheaper than the 2011 model by about RM1,000 and it weighs approx 11 kilos.

In my opinion, the price is reasonable as the the frame and suspension itself will cost almost 50% of the price shown above if bought separately.


  1. how do u know its triple butted? cant find it anywhere in the net.

  2. I ask the bike shop boss Mr Chin Aik. He is also the official retailer for Scott bikes in Penang. I take his word that he is telling the truth.

  3. Thanks for providing all these info on the website, keep it alive man!
    I'm replying from Singapore.
    Apparently, different countries are holding different models & stocks.
    Our local LBS is not having any scale 60 as yet.

  4. You are welcome and thanks for your support. Will keep looking for good stuff to post.

  5. thanx man! i am planning to get one this week.